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Arslok India - Maninder Sond
Arslok India - Maninder Sond


Founded in June 2019 by Mr. Maninder Sond, Arslok India is a Sales Support and Marketing company based in Ludhiana, Punjab.


With over 19 years into Sales & Marketing, We are fully dedicated to extend our flagship services to business enterprises facing complex Sales Growth challenges. We assist our clients to achieve their business goals with our strategic services on Sales Support, Sales Trainings, Brand Positioning and Digital Marketing.

Our endeavour is to formulate a sustainable strategy as per our client’s needs especially in the sales and marketing domain. Fuelled by compassion and driven by empathy, we analyse and strategize the best route to your market entry, lead generation and sales data exploration.

ARSLOK INDIA is a progressive sales support company with one simple mission: to help your business accelerate revenue by developing world-class sales & marketing methods.


The Leadership in Industry

Arslok India - Maninder Sond

maninder sond

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Executive Director - Arslok India.

I have put 19 years into Sales & Marketing, specialised in Business Expansion, Business Strategies, Negotiations, Operation Frameworks & System, Sales analysis, Sales Training & Marketing.

I have done major market expansions in domestic & international market with consistent and rapid growth in sales across major channels.

Working with me, will put your business on a fast lane & you will be able to sustain & scale your business exponentially. 

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